Aging isn’t easy – The changes and challenges are seemingly endless; however we have solutions you’re going to like. At The Albuquerque Grand, you can enjoy the best of all worlds: Independence and all the help you want or need.  we don’t have to tell you that! The changes and challenges are seemingly endless, but we have some ideas you’re going to like. The Albuquerque Grand offers the best of all worlds with our

Our caring, professional staff, available 24 hours a day, are here to support you and allow you to enjoy life feeling confident and secure, despite aging’s effort to make daily tasks difficult. Grand Assist services are ideal for the occasional need for a reminder, an assist, or just a simple helping hand from time to time. You determine the help wanted, the frequency, and we will make it happen without great expense or fan fair! Should you want or need the comfort of daily care and personal assistance, our licensed Ambercare healthcare staff will work with you to create a plan of services that meets your individual needs. It’s Assisted Living – managed privately and cost effectively with YOU – not the community!

Whatever it is, whatever you want, we are here to let you manage your best health, enjoy your day, and protect your independence.

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